Think Big, Start Small

We face a challenge by breaking it down. That is how our minds naturally work.
Quire lets you map out your thoughts, and tackle them with small steps.

Nested To Do List of Unlimited Tasks and Subtasks

Quire is one of the best project management tools for teams. With its simple, intuitive tree-structure — aka hierarchical to do list of tasks and subtasks — tasks or to-dos are naturally mapped out with context, easy as an outliner.

Streamline Your To-dos Visually

Visualize your workflow. Arrange, prioritize, and focus on what matters the most with Kanban board. Get everyone on the same page.

Visual Workflow in Kanban Board

Unlike other project management software today, you can focus on your prioritized tasks in a visual Kanban board, and switch to the nested task list to see the big picture of your actionable plan in a smooth workflow.

See and Rise Above Your Progress

Listen to the pulse of your dreams. Understand the ups and downs of your tasks, your projects, and your team now and ahead. And celebrate success.

Asana and Trello Alternatives for Agile Teams

In Quire, you can streamline your scrum projects visually in Kanban board , manage and focus on tasks in each board’s swimlanes. You can always stay in sync across devices including Android and iOS apps—online or offline. Empowered by integrations with Slack, Github, Google Calendar, etc., Quire is a visual collaborative platform for team projects.

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