Tackle big goals
with small steps

We face a challenge by breaking it down.
That’s how our minds naturally work.

Quire lets you map your thoughts in a dynamic world.

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Under this intuitive tree-like hierarchy (aka., nested list or subtasks), new tasks and to-dos are naturally grouped in the context which they arise, not just another isolated task in a long list waiting to be forgotten.

Plant Trees
Select trees to plant

Central to most project management software is a conventional to-do list that stores all conceivable tasks. But a to-do list was never meant to handle the intricacy hidden in tasks which warrants the governance of a project management tool, such as nested hierarchy and subtasks.

Turn growing plan into minimal to-dos

We kick start a goal by picking out critical tasks.
Visualize it, and complete them in Kanban board.

Quire lets you drive your inspirations forward without losing the big picture.

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Focus on tasks that matter to you

Stick to what’s important.
Leave the errands to us.
Quire simplifies your life, so you can do what you’re meant to do.

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With Kanban board, you can focus on your daily, prioritized tasks in a visual representation of your workflow, and at any time switch to nested to-do tree view for the big picture of your actionable plan.

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Everything you want and all you need to get things done.
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