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Quire inspires teams to dream higher, reach beyond potential, bring team members together and celebrate success.

Infinite Nested List

Büyük Düşün, Küçük Başla

We face a challenge by breaking it down. Map out your thoughts, and tackle them with small steps.

Smart Sublist

Doğru Şeylere Odaklanın

Work on your tasks effortlessly with a focused Sublist view. Make sure every team member is in control of their work with a more focused list view.

Kanban Panosu

İş Akışını Görsel Olarak Düzenleyin

Arrange, prioritize, and visualize the project with a Kanban board. Balance team resources to optimize efficiency and transparency. Everyone is aware of other’s progress and how the project evolves.

Dinamik Zaman Çizelgesi

Zaman Çizelgesini Planlayın

Plan ahead with a versatile Gantt chart to schedule every milestone. Have a bird’s eye view of the project progress over time and increase the team's sense of accomplishment.

Over 100,000 teams have celebrated success with us!

Go Beyond the Possibilities of Project Management

Delightful Experience

  • Powerful features with a sleek interface
  • Clutter-free workflow
  • Reusable templates

Team Collaboration

  • Collaborate with different team roles
  • Outsource to external teams
  • Share links to clients

Systematize Clutter

  • Dump spontaneous tasks to My Tasks
  • Declutter projects' complexities
  • Organize cross-projects with Smart Folder

Smart Tracking

  • Track projects from different perspectives
  • Interactive charts to spot roadblocks
  • Get the big picture of a team's goal

Sustainable Development

  • Flexible workflow for different teams
  • Applicable Agile & Scrum methods
  • Versatile for productivity methods

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