There is an abundance of project management solutions out in the open but we believe there is still a void which Quire can fill.

At Potix, we’re pragmatic engineers who seek productivity. We’ve had success in bringing simplicity to developers who are often tangled in software complexity.

Along our journey, from collaboration with Fortune 500 companies down to small internal programs, we’ve tried a variety of project management solutions but left unsatisfied. The common project management tool involves working with a long task list; the interrelationships of tasks are not presented visually nor logically. What’s worse is that we were forced to digest every detail in a project head on. Unwilling to settle for all this complexity, we designed Quire.

Quire adopts branching, a fundamental pattern we see everywhere in nature, to project management because it is how our minds work. An idea spawns more ideas. When faced with a challenge, we tackle it by breaking it down to more manageable ones. A tree-like structure naturally captures how we process our thoughts visually.

Under this model, new tasks are naturally grouped in the context which they arise, instead of becoming just another isolated task in a long list waiting to be forgotten. Relationship and hierarchy between tasks are made visually evident so we’d have a bird’s eye view of the project as we plan and organize the projects. Complexity can be hidden from view as we close the detailed tasks pertaining to a large task.

Quire was also designed to be a centralized collaboration tool. File attachments, comments, as well as every modification, are instantly reflected for all online collaborators in real time.

Simplicity is the driving principle behind Quire’s user experience architecture. We strive to deliver capabilities without the complexities. We want users to remain focused on tasks, not on consciously remembering where the damn buttons are.

Should you wish to share your vision of what the perfect project management tool means to you, or encounter any issue while trying out Quire, please let us know. With your help, we can accelerate the development of Quire. Let’s redefine project management together!