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Descriptions, attachments, or comments are reflected instantly on your screen.

Online communication, discussion and messaging. Team collaboration.

Work offline seamlessly

Never lose work over a bad internet connection.
We sync your work when you're back online.

Quire at a glance. Powerful features

Visual Task Hierarchy

More than todo list management. Tackle big projects in easy-to-manage steps.

My Tasks at a Glance

Stay on top of tasks assigned to you across all projects.


Focus on a task and see all its subtasks while filtering out everything else.

Outsource to External Team

Focus on your core tasks and assign those that are non-core to third parties easily and safely.

Teamwork in Realtime

Share and delegate tasks to your friends and colleagues. See their modifications on your screen instantly.

Instant Messaging

See who said what about your tasks instantly.

Set Recurring Tasks

Get your routines in your task tree once and for all.

Multiple Assignees

Assign a task to the people responsible for it.

Group tasks for clarity

Group your tasks to see the bigger picture.

Filter tasks to improve your focus

Set filters to see all the tasks you want to see and leave out all the rest.

Reuse your project as a template

Save time - duplicate a project or task to use as a template.

Get your followers on board

Get your own followers so Quire can inform them of any changes you've made automatically.

File Sharing

Easily upload a file or attach a file from Google Drive to your tasks.

See your tasks on Google Calendar

Set your tasks as events on Google Calendar and get notified.

Share your Project with anyone

Make your project public so anyone with that URL can see your project.

iOS App

Work seamlessly across your devices wherever you go.

Integrate with GitHub

Keep everyone on your team up to date with the code changes by linking commits to your tasks.

Chrome Extension

Quickly access Quire and get notified from any web page in Chrome.


Notification center will keep you updated and on track


Give a thumbs up, vote for a task, or focus on those that matter to you personally. With ❤.

Tons of Nifty Shortcuts

Mouseless operations for the keyboard gurus. Stay on the keyboard and save time.


Convert your project data into CSV to edit it in Excel, or into JSON for further processing and back up.


Copy and paste your content from other apps like Word and Excel without re-typing them.

Everything you want and all you need to get things done.
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