mobile · Nov 13, 2017

Quire + Siri: Add tasks with your voice for iOS 11

My helpful screenshot

Your smart assistant Siri just got smarter with iOS 11 for you in Quire.

Just like in our earlier blog post, simply call up Siri and tell her/him the task, the assignee and a due date and time, and it will be added directly to Quire. No need to open the app, or unclick your phone!

And now with iOS 11, the conversation has become even more natural.

Check out the demo video:

First, you need to set Siri up with iOS 11.

  1. Tap Settings on your iPhone home screen
  2. Tap Siri & Search
  3. Scroll down until you see Quire and tap on it
  4. Enable Use with Siri

Now, Siri is ready to interact with Quire.

Here are what you say to start the conversation:

  • Add task on Quire
  • Add a task on Quire
  • Add task in Quire
  • Add a task in Quire
  • Add [task name] in Quire

Tip: If they do not work, uninstall and install the Quire iOS app and try again.

My helpful screenshot

Next, you can say the project name, then the task name.

For example:

  • Write the article
  • Publish the article by 5 PM next Friday and assign to Crystal

My helpful screenshot

That’s it.

Siri will add the task to your Quire project.

My helpful screenshot

Your conversation with Siri has ended.

When you go to your project in Quire, this is what you will see:

My helpful screenshot

Note: “Send a message on Quire” works for versions before iOS 11.

If you speak in German, here are what you can say to start the conversation:

  • Aufgabe in Quire einfügen
  • Eine Aufgabe in Quire einfügen
  • Füge die Aufgabe [task name] in Quire ein

Here is a demo video in German:

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