mobile · Mar 1, 2017

Quire, Siri's Best Task Manager Friend

My helpful screenshot

It has been 8 months and 7 days since the birth of Quire iOS. We have seen amazing features like snap your ideas and pinch to zoom being introduced.

And now, we welcome the smart assistant Siri on board!

When you talk to Siri about us, we listen and do the rest. Quire will take your words and turn them into tasks. Even auto-add due date and time and assignee!

Check out the demo video:

Simply say, “Hey Siri, send a message to [your project name] on Quire.” Or, you can say, “Quire [your project name] saying” to start the conversation with Siri.

Next, say what comes natural to you.

One example would be: “Write the article by 5pm next Friday and assign to Crystal.”

My helpful screenshot

We also support other languages including German, French, Mandarin and Japanese.

The same example in German is, “Schreibe den Artikel bis nächsten Freitag 17 Uhr und weise ihn Crystal zu.”

In French, you can say, “Rédiger l’article, expire vendredi prochain à 17:00, et affecté à Crystal.”

If you speak Mandarin, it will be, “下禮拜五下午五點寫文章並請Crystal完成。”

Or, if the task is due tomorrow, you can say this in Japanese, “明日文章を書きそしてCrystalに割り当てる。”

Siri is officially our best friend when we are on the go.

Have fun trying your own combinations, and let us know what you think in the comment below!

Crystal Chen
Content writer, food lover, and aniholic.