features · Aug 27, 2015

Roles & Permissions in Quire

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By default, Normal is the role given to the new member you have invited. Being a Normal member basically allows you to manage everything in a project, except its members.

An Admin, on the other hand, has all the permissions, including managing a project, and its members.

When you outsource a task to an external team, you can assign different roles to the team’s external members. The external members will only have permissions to the task outsourced to the team even if they take on the Admin role.

For more details, the tables below summarize what each of the four roles can do in a project, organization and external team.


What you can do in a project if you are…

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Note: Limited members can only complete tasks that are assigned to them.


What you can do with an organization if you are…

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Note: When Normal members create projects, they become Admins of these projects. But they cannot access other projects they are not members of.

External Team

What you can do in an external team if you are…

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Note: Admin and Normal members in an external team can delete tags created by external members.