Add and Edit Sublists

Create a sublist

Click on the + icon and choose Add sublist.

add sublist

Select the important tasks to add to the sublist. Name the newly created sublist and add a customized icon for the sublist title.

There are three permissions for you to share the sublist with: Project Members, External Team, Personal (yourself).

create sublist popup

Note: If you select the root task, the relevant subtasks will also be automatically selected. You can deselect the subtask to choose the tasks you need only. On another hand, subtasks can be selected separately from their root task.

Add and remove tasks to/from a sublist

To add tasks to a sublist, simply drag and drop them to the tab. Or click Edit in the sublist dropdown menu. To remove the tasks from a sublist, just drag them back to the List view.

Note: The List and the Sublist are mirrored view. When you reorder the tasks in a sublist, the order in the List view will also be reordered.

Pin and unpin the sublist for quick navigation

pin sublist

Note: The newly created sublists will be pinned by default. On the other hand, sublists created by other members will not be pinned.

Create as many sublists as you need

There is no limitation on how many sublists you can create for a project. A big dream now can be broken down into smaller and manageable to-do lists and sublists.

Edit a sublist name or URL

Click on the dropdown menu icon beside the sublist name and choose Edit.

edit sublist's name

Note: For the sublist URL, only letters, digits, dashes, dots, and underscores are allowed.

Delete a sublist

Click on the dropdown menu icon beside the sublist name and choose Delete.

Note: Once the sublist is deleted, it can not be undone. The tasks in the sublist will not be deleted, you can still find them in the main list view.

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