Reschedule Tasks in Timeline

The Timeline view is only available in the Professional, Premium, Enterprise plans. More information can be found on our Pricing page.

For the tasks that either have a start date or due date or both, a dot will appear at the end of the task in the Timeline view.

You can hover over the dot to see the time duration of the task. Click on the dot to quickly slide to the task timespan bar.

Learn more about the meaning of the color for task timespan bar.

Set dates to task

The dot indicates there’s a time frame associated with the task. When there isn’t a dot, you can set a date for the task.

Click to select a task first, then click on the Timeline view to set due date to the task or drag to set a duration.

set date in timeline view

Reschedule tasks’ dates

You can hover over the timespan bar to see the duration of the task.

To reschedule the date, drag the start or due date to extend or shorten the task duration. You can also drag to move the whole timespan bar altogether to reschedule the dates.

Another way to add dates to your task is through the detail panel. Double-clicking on the task or hitting Spacebar to open up the detail panel. Or you can right-click on a task to open up the context menu.

Reschedule tasks in bulk

Hit Shift to select multiple tasks and reschedule them all at once.

Remove the date from the task

Right-click on the timespan bar and select Clear date.

clear date in the timeline view

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