Sublist Introduction

When you are working with multiple team members in the same project, it’s very likely that after a while, the shared task list starts to look like a matrix and everyone doesn’t know where to get started.

Quire Sublist allows you to create your own personal list view from the same project. For one project, you could have a sublist named “Design Reference” and by putting all the tasks and subtasks related to Design Reference into this sublist can help you focus on the right tasks at the right time, without getting distracted by everything else.

Quire Sublist also helps you create a focused view for project members and even the external team that share the same workload. For example, as a team manager, you can select several crucial tasks related to the Phase 1 of the Product Development and create a sublist named “Phase 1” then share with your team members. This way, everyone relevant to Phase 1 will be on the same page quickly.

quire sublist

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