Track Progress with Board

You can create multiple Boards for one project by adding more Sublists.

Learn more about how to create Sublists.

Create new tasks in Board

Click + Add tasks at the bottom of each column to add a new task.

Or you can hit Enter to continue to add new tasks. When done, hit Esc to finish.

Learn more about how you can add tasks from the main List to the Board.

Move tasks across columns

You can drag and drop your tasks from column to column to reorganize your work or move it to the next status.

Or you can drag the tasks up and down to reorder your column list. The tasks that are higher in the column can represent higher priority.

Note: The task order in each column will not affect the order in the Tree view.

Learn more about how to shuffle your board by columns.

Edit the task cover

If you have attached or embedded an image to a task, it will automatically show as the task cover in the Board view.

board task cover

Click on the icon on the upper right corner of the task in your Board. Select Edit cover and choose the image that you would like to show as a cover.

edit task card cover

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