What is Quire?

We humans have a drive to achieve great things. It is in our bones.

And it is what Quire is born for.

Quire is a modern collaborative project management software made to help visionary teams with big ideas. Like yours.

How is Quire different from others?

Confucius said, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

You who accomplish a dream do the same.

Quire helps break down your big ideas into smaller and smaller to-dos. Until they are feasible and essential enough for you to tackle a few at a time and get your dream going.

Simplicity has always been our No.1 priority. It has cost us nights after nights, making sure you do not waste time on learning and mastering the tool.

With such, you can focus on doing what you are meant to do, in as little time, with as little effort as possible.

Who are the Quire team?

We are a team of Potix, a software company that develops the world’s leading ZK Java Web framework. Our office is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

For years, we have tried dozens of tools to help us do what we do: develop amazing products together. But none of them satisfied us.

So, we decided to make one our own, one that would truly help teams turn ideas into greatness.

And so in August, 2014, we welcomed the birth of Quire.

What is next for Quire?

In June, 2018, we proudly announced Quire Mark III to streamline your workflow visually in Kanban board.

Next, we will move on to open API. Quire will connect with apps and devices you are already familiar with for them to work seamlessly together.

But we do not stop here.

As always, it is your feedback, suggestions and thoughts, that continue to motivate us. So talk to us!

For the latest news, updates and tips about Quire, you can follow us on Twitter.

How secure is Quire?

At Quire, we take security and privacy seriously.

All traffic on Quire runs on SSL/TLS, the most powerful and trusted protocol for secure communications.

Your data is stored in the United States by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and is backed up continuously with copies stored in an off-site location for disaster recovery.

No one is allowed to access the data without written permission, and we only ask if it is really necessary for debugging.

So you can be sure your data is personal, and stays personal to you.

For more information, please visit Quire security page.

Is Quire Free?

Quire is free for the time being. Whatever you are already using, will remain free to you after we introduce a pricing package.

At the moment, you can have up to 80 projects with unlimited tasks and 30 members in each organization.

How can I increase the storage size on Quire?

Right now, Quire is still in the beta version, that’s why we have the fixed limitation on the storage size (200MB per organization).

After the beta version, user will have much greater storage and upload file size and the size will be based on which paid plan he or she purchases.

How can I whitelist Quire server so that I can upload files on Quire?

If you can't upload files on Quire because of your server blocklist, you can add our AWS server (https://quire.s3.amazonaws.com) to your whitelisted websites.

Further questions? Feel free to contact us at feedback@quire.io or check out our feedback community.