The start of everything

Welcome to the whimsical world of Quire, where the story of productivity unfolds in chapters of collaboration and simplicity.
Let us take you back a bit to where it all began. Back then, Potix was already making waves with ZK - the leading Java Web framework. After working with thousands of projects with Fortune 500 giants, we get it - complexity is a buzzkill. ZK is our sleek answer, encapsulating powerhouse features in a simple package. Now, we're extending the ZK “simplicity means power” philosophy to our in-house project management software - Quire - to help users streamline their workflow and accomplish tasks effortlessly.

Quire inherits the simplicity philosophy that defines ZK and brings it to a whole new level. We've moved beyond bland checklists, offering a purposeful method for goal-setting. Recognizing the importance of an approach that transforms ideas into a step-by-step journey, Quire empowers users to navigate their workflow effortlessly and achieve their dreams.
Quire project management software

The values we had in mind when making Quire

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When starting with Quire, we realized most of the other apps only offer a mundane flat checklist, which is good for your grocery list but would never be enough for setting your goals. Your dreams demanded a more sophisticated approach. Thus, Quire emerged as the pioneering app that introduces an unlimited hierarchical task list, providing the panoramic view necessary for orchestrating your tasks with purpose and clarity.

Just like you, we're a team of dreamers — engineers who believe in letting our product do the talking. No fairy tales here; we embrace the product-centric life with a straightforward motto: we want to do our job right, so you will have a project management platform that helps you with your dreams, in any way you want.

Our interface is clean, our features are straightforward, and our design philosophy revolves around simplicity. Project management should be about getting things done, not wrestling with a software manual. We despised the idea of learning the product before benefiting from it. So, we set out to create something intuitive and user-friendly. We wanted you to be able to jump right in and start managing your projects from day one, without any headaches or training marathons.

The missions we carry

For those who dare to dream big, Quire is for you.
As we continued the journey, Quire's mission unfolded — a rebellion against complexity, a journey to redefine project management. A call echoed through the whimsical corridors of Quire, inviting users to share their visions, encounter issues, and join hands in accelerating Quire's evolution. It wasn't just about building a tool; it was about creating a community, a collective effort to turn Quire into the project management tool that helps you, instead of standing in your way.

So, dear dreamers, in this enchanting saga, let us break down tasks, embrace collaboration, and revel in the simplicity of Quire. Together, we script the next chapter, redefining project management one magical task at a time.
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The team that makes the dream work

Peggy Chang
Juggling webinars and wrangling feedback like a pro.
Jimmy Shiau
Coding all day, turning ideas into seamless reality.
Tom Yeh
Turning dreams into Quire-powered realities with flair!
Vicky Pham
Crafting Quire with words, turning clicks into giggles.
Jim Yeh
Overseeing the team like a cheerful conductor!
Raisa Goldatama
Spinning social media magic like a caffeinated unicorn.
Rudy Huang
Sculpting mobile marvels, one bug at a time!
Whiter Tsai
Squashing persistent bugs with keystrokes.
Proton Chang
Geeking out over all the tech stuff and computer fun.
Jess Chen
Crafting easy-to-love design with a touch of magic.
Matthieu Duchemin
Tech support ninja and consulting guru, all in one!

Together, we reach greater heights,
one magical task at a time!