At the moment, Quire is free of charge.

You can enjoy a free Quire account with up to 35 organizations, 80 projects and 30 members per organization. The good news is that, whatever you’re currently using will continue to be free, even after we introduce the pricing packages.

Many people have been wondering why Quire hasn’t launched the pricing program yet. The reason is that there are still so many exciting ideas and features yet to be explored! We aim to bring a more refined experience to our users and put effort on making Quire more awesome, than focusing on sales.

Our team works hard to create a project management software with all of the features that goes well with each other and actually helps you achieve your goals in the most logical workflow, instead of adding as many features as possible.

We know you are ready to achieve great things with Quire. We’re here to ensure your long-term success. If you need more detailed information regarding our pricing or you would like to lift some of the current limitations for your organizations, please feel free to reach out to us.