When your list grows a tad overwhelming, you can pick several tasks that are not actionable at the moment and peekaboo them. The peekaboo tasks will remain hidden from the List view and reshow several days later.

Peekaboo-ing a task is only available in the Professional, Premium, Enterprise plans. More information can be found on our Pricing page.

How to Peekaboo a task

In the task’s detail panel, click on the icon and choose Peekaboo in the dropdown menu.

peekaboo in the detail panel

You can also peekaboo a task by right-clicking and selecting Peekaboo in the context menu.

peekaboo right click

If the peekaboo tasks aren’t completed yet, it will automatically reshow back in the list after 7 days by default. Or you can set the peekaboo tasks to reshow 1, 3, 14, 30 days later or never show again.

reshow peekaboo tasks

Note: When you peekaboo a completed task, you won’t be able to choose the date for reshowing that task.

Where to see the Peekaboo-ed tasks

To see all the peekaboo tasks in this project, click on the filter icon under the navigation bar at the top, select Customize, and choose Peekaboo Tasks.

filter peekaboo tasks

Reshow the Peekaboo-ed tasks

For the peekaboo task to reshow in your task list, click on the icon in the task’s detail panel, then choose Reshow this task or right-click on the task and choose from the context menu.

reshow in the detail panel

You can go to the Project’s Settings and change the peekaboo tasks default to reshow 7 days later to 1, 3, 14, 30 days later.

reshow peekaboo tasks in settings

Read more on our blog about the Peekaboo feature and the GTD method.

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