User Interface

Your Quire workspace is divided into 3 main sections: Sidebar, Main Panel, and Detail Panel.

1 Sidebar: access to My Tasks, Bookmarks, Smart Folders, Recent, Organizations, Projects, and Members.

2 Main Panel: display the tasks of the project that you are currently viewing. Access to Nested Task Lists, Sublists, Kanban Boards, Tables, Timelines, Overview, Account settings, Notifications, and more.

3 Detail Panel: access to the task description, attachments, and comments that you are currently inspecting.

Quire workspace introduction

The Sidebar is the space on the left. It is where you can switch between projects, organizations, and members.

You will also be able to access tasks under My Tasks, Projects/Organizations under Bookmarks, Recent, Folders and Smart Folders.

Quire sidebar


  • Press ] to open and close the sidebar if not pinned.
  • Drag and drop the whole section (e.g. My Tasks, Bookmarks, Recent, etc) to reorder it.
  • You can keep the sidebar open by pinning it or unpin it to hide.

Quire sidebar pin

Main Panel

The Main Panel is the space in the middle.

When you click on projects or organizations in the sidebar, this is where you will see the relevant content.

Also, you can switch between different kinds of views (Tree, Board, Table, Timeline, and Calendar) in the main panel.

Quire main panel

Detail Panel

The Detail Panel is the space on the right.

This is where you will see the detail contents of each task when you click on it in the main panel. Here you can add a description, comments, assignees, start and due dates, priority, tags, and more.


  • To open/close the detail panel of a task, simply press Space. Also, to pin or unpin the detail panel, click on the pin icon.
  • You can set the detail panel to pin as default in your Account Settings’ Project Preferences.
  • You can also quickly expand and collapse the detail panel by pressing Shift + Space.

Quire detail panel

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