My Tasks

My Tasks is a default task view in Quire. You will see all tasks you should care about from all projects and organizations listed in My Tasks.

Note: My Tasks is only available in List view and Timeline view.

Which tasks will be included in My Tasks?

Tasks in My Tasks can belong to a specific project or just be the personal tasks without being assigned to a project.

The default view for My Tasks is sorted by date. You can sort My Tasks with two options, first by date, then by project, or the other way around.

  • Tasks created by me, not assigned to others, with start or due date
  • Task assigned to me
  • Personal tasks

My Tasks

Personal Tasks

  • A personal task is a task that doesn’t belong to any project. Rather, it belongs to someone’s My Tasks.
  • A private task can have subtasks and all subtasks are all private. If a project is archived or removed, all of its tasks won’t be part of my tasks of any user.
  • You cannot assign your personal tasks to other users. You can only select yourself as the assignee.
  • You cannot create external team for personal tasks.
  • You cannot create global tags for personal tasks. The tag for personal tasks is only visible in My Tasks.

personal tasks

What can I do with My Tasks?

  • Use the shortcut = to launch and close My Tasks.
  • Use the shortcut m to add a task directly to My Tasks.
  • If a task was completed 30 days ago, it will not be shown in My Tasks.
  • Transfer personal tasks from My Tasks to other projects by clicking on the project icon or by cutting and pasting the tasks.

transferring personal tasks

Note: Tasks from specific projects can not be transferred back to My Tasks as personal tasks.


  • You can view other’s My Tasks list if you have access to the projects that those tasks belong to. You cannot view others’ personal tasks.
  • You cannot reorder other member’s My Tasks list.

Read more on our blog about what you can do with My Tasks.

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