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You can chat, discuss and share about what you have accomplished in the comments of a task in the detail panel.

It’s your instant messenger built right in Quire! Simply click Add comment in the detail panel and start chatting.

add comment to task

When you leave a comment in a task, you will automatically become the follower of that task, meaning when other members modify the task’s due date or leave other comments, etc. You will get notifications as well.

Members who are already the assignees of this task or followers of this task or its project will get notified automatically of any updates too.

Tip: You can hit C to post comments in the selected task. A quick way to see whether the tasks have comments or not without opening the detail panel is to hit Ctrl (or Alt for Mac) for toggling on the Advanced mode.

Style your comments

The comment area supports markdown to give more styles to your text. You could click on the Markdown icon to get a simple cheat sheet of Markdown.

To preview what you have just typed, hit Ctrl + E or + E for Mac.

Learn more on how to style your text in Quire.

Add emojis

Add emojis to make your description stand out. Type in : to get an emoji cheat sheet or you can copy and paste an emoji from websites like

add emojis

Quote selected text in your reply

There is an easy way for you to quote someone else’s words in your reply.

Simply select the words and press Ctrl + Q, you will automatically quote the selected text in the comment.

select words into quote

Pin a comment

You can pin (and unpin) a comment by clicking on the down arrow.

pin a comment

You will then see the important summary or information at the top for easy reference.

pinned comment

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