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You can chat, discuss and share what you have accomplished in the comments of a task in the detail panel.

It’s your instant messenger built right in Quire! Simply click Add comment in the detail panel and start chatting.

add comment to task

When you leave a comment on a task, you will automatically become the follower of that task, meaning when other members modify the task’s due date or leave other comments, etc. You will get notifications as well.

Members who are already the assignees of this task or followers of this task or its project will get notified automatically of any updates too.

Tip: To post comments in the selected task, press C. To quickly check whether tasks have comments without opening the detail panel, toggle on the Advanced mode by pressing I (or for Mac).

Style your comments

The comment area supports markdown to give more styles to your text. You could click on the Markdown icon to get a simple cheat sheet of Markdown.

To preview what you have just typed, press Ctrl + E or + E for Mac.

Learn more on how to style your text in Quire.

When typing your comments using markdown, you can also embed formulas to generate new information based on the data that you have input into your task.

To embed a formula in the comment area, you will need to put the formula between double curly brackets {{ and }}.

add formulas in task comments

Add emojis

Add emojis to make your description stand out. Type in : to get an emoji cheat sheet or you can copy and paste an emoji from websites like

add emojis

React to comments

Hover over a comment and click on the emoji icon at the upper right corner. You can add as many emojis as you want. If you want to react with the same emoji as other members already have, just click directly on the emoji that was added at the bottom.

add reactions to comment

Hover over the emoji to see who has reacted to the comment. You will also receive a notification when another member reacts to your comment.

hover to see who has reacted to comment

Quote selected text in your reply

An easy way for you to quote someone else’s words in your reply is to simply select the words and press Alt + Q (or Ctrl + Q for Mac), you will automatically quote the selected text in the comment.

select words into quote

Another way is to click the More Options icon for the comment you would like to quote and select Quote reply.

quote an entire comment

Turn comment into a task

This is a quick way to create a new task from a comment. Click on the down arrow and select Turn into a new task.

turn comment into a  task

Feel free to edit the task title and description in the popup dialog. For easy tracking, the comment link will be added automatically at the end of the new task’s description.

edit task title and description in popup dialog

Tip: In My Tasks, when you turn a comment into a task, you can select None in the Project dropdown menu, this way, the newly created task will not be assigned to any other projects and stay in My Tasks.

turn comment into task and add to My Tasks

Pin a comment

You can pin (and unpin) a comment by clicking on the down arrow.

pin a comment

You will then see the important summary of information at the top for easy reference.

pinned comment

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