Copy to another Application

Copy tasks from List view

You can copy your tasks from Quire and paste them to another application so that you don’t have to type the entire list again.

For example, if you want to copy a shortlist of tasks and send it to a client via Gmail. Select the tasks you want to copy, press Ctrl + C ( + C for Mac).

copy tasks in Quire

Go to Gmail (or other applications like Word, Notepad, etc.), press Ctrl + V ( + V for Mac) to paste.

paste to another application

The task list will automatically turn into bullet points, with assignees, due dates, priority, and tags written inline.

Tip: If you are copying and pasting tasks in Quire, and now you wish to copy from another application to the Quire workspace, you need to press ESC first.

Copy tasks from Table view

In the Table view, you have the option to select tasks and copy-paste them into a spreadsheet. This guarantees that the headers and the custom fields you’ve chosen to display in the Table view will automatically appear in the spreadsheet, saving you from the hassle of manual input.

copy from table view and paste to spreadsheet

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