Here are some ways to help you better navigate through Quire.

Project/Organization Dropdown Menu

Click on the dropdown menu icon beside the project or organization name to bring out more options.

project menu

Right-click on task(s)

Right-click on a task to bring out the context menu.

context menu

Note: Only when hovering over a task will show the status circle, date/ assignee icon, + icon, and more.

Bottom menu bar

After multiple selecting tasks, the bottom menu bar will reveal.

bottom batch bar

Learn more on how to assign multiple tasks.

Pin Sidebar or Detail Panel

Click on the pin icon to pin the sidebar or the detail panel.

pin detail panel

Tip: You can open up the sidebar by hitting Ctrl or + S.

Advanced mode (Breadcrumbs)

Hit Ctrl (or Alt on Mac) to see the toggle on the Advanced mode. When toggled on, you will see the breadcrumbs a.k.a the ID# of the tasks, the root and parent tasks, and attachment/comment/ board icons of tasks if any. To turn it off, hit Ctrl (or Alt on Mac) again.

breadcrumbs ctrl alt

Learn more about the Advanced mode.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Hit Ctrl + F1 or Fn + F1 (for Mac) to see a complete list of shortcuts to easily manage your tasks.

keyboard shortcuts

Read more on our blog about Quire’s keyboard shortcuts.


Click on your profile picture for the dropdown menu to appear, then click on Help to access helpful resources.

help guide

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