Helpful Gestures

Here is a list of helpful gestures to help you navigate through the Quire mobile app more quickly.

Quick-add a task to a certain position

Drag the green add icon at the bottom right and drop it at the position you would like to add the task.

Edit task name

Swipe left on a task, then tap on the pen icon.

Add a root task or a subtask

Swipe left on a task, then tap the add icon.

Add a root task directly underneath a specific task
Add a subtask directly underneath a specific task

Add task to another tab

Drag and drop the task(s) to the tab bar at the top.

Reorder tasks

Drag and drop the task to your preferred position.

View task’s status

Swipe right on a task for the status circle to show.

Change a task’s status

Swipe right and tap on the status circle. There are three different default statuses for you to choose from To-Do, In Progress, and Completed.

Complete a task

Swipe all the way to the right on a task to complete this task.

Dismiss an in-app notification or an undo message

Swipe up on the message to dismiss an in-app notification.

Delete task

Swipe left on a task, then tap the trash icon.

Select multiple tasks and apply settings

Swipe from the right edge of your phone or long press on a task, then select the tasks that you want to make changes to.

Apply settings (i.e. due dates, assignees, etc) to the selected tasks by using the bottom menu bar.

Tip: Move your fingers up or down on the checkboxes to quickly multiple select the tasks without tapping on the task one by one.

View the task’s path

Tap on a task and enter its detail panel, then slide the screen down to view the task’s path. You can tap on the task name in the path to navigate to that certain task in the main panel.

Zoom in and zoom out

Pinch to zoom in and out on a task.

Switch between different display mode

Shake your phone to switch between two different display modes.

Note: Please set the display mode in Account Settings to (auto), so the display mode can be switched by shaking the phone.

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