External Team

You can outsource a task or more to a third party, namely the external team, without having them seeing your other tasks or any of your sensitive data. External team members only have access to the tasks assigned to them.

Create an external team

Click on the dropdown menu icon beside the project’s name. Select Edit members in the dropdown menu.

project options edit members

In the External Teams section, click on + Create new team.

create new external team

Choose a name for the team, and add people by entering their email addresses.

add new external team name

Note: The number of external members will count towards the total number of 30 members allowed in each organization.

To edit an external team (eg. remove an external team member), hover the external team’s name and click on the edit (pen) icon.

edit external team

To delete an external team, hover the external team’s name and click on the trash bin icon.

delete external team

Assign tasks to your external team

Simply click on the assignee icon of a task, and turn on the Assign an external team.

assign tasks to external team

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