Break down a Project

Start working on your project by breaking down your ideas into a list of tasks. To create a new task, tap on the green + button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

You can give your tasks more details, such as assigning due dates, setting assignees, and adding tags.

add tasks on mobile app

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Learn how to add tasks using Siri.


There are several different views for a project: Tree, Board, Table, Timeline, and Calendar. The Task view is the default view when you first access the project.

switch different views on mobile app

Create a sublist

A sublist lets you create your own personal list view or a narrow-down view of the same project.

Tap on the + icon at the tab bar and enter the name of the Sublist, then set who you would like to share the Sublist with (project members or keep the Sublist personal).

add a sublist on mobile app


The default filter for each task list is Active Tasks.

Tap on the filter icon at the upper right corner to access a list of preset filters, such as Group by assignee and Group by date.

filter button on mobile app

In the filter menu, create your own filter by tapping on Customize.

customize your filter on mobile app

Choose from the different options in the filter bar at the top. You can group, sort, or filter your tasks by their priority, assignees, status, dates, etc. After finishing customizing your own filter, tap Apply.

filter bar on mobile app

Tip: You can group or filter your tasks up to two different options.

To save the customized filters, tap on the star icon on the right side of the filter bar. You will find all the saved customized filters in the filter menu when tapping on the filter icon on the upper right corner of the screen.

save a customized filter on mobile app

Project members

If you would like to see the list of members of the project, tap on the Overview tab at the top of your project first. Then tap on the members icon .

Or tap on the More Options icon at the upper right corner, then Edit project. You will be able to modify the project members and external team members there.

project members on mobile app

Tip: You can also share your projects with clients (who haven’t signed up for a Quire account) to showcase your project’s progress or contents. They can open the link on their mobile devices after downloading the Quire app first.

Global tags

If you would like to view all of your tags for the project, tap on the More Options icon at the upper right corner, then Edit project, then Project Tags.

If you set the tags to be Visible to all projects, you won’t need to create the same tags again in other projects within the same organization.

To set the tags visible to all projects (global tags), tap on the More Options icon for the tag, then Edit tag, and toggle on Visible to all projects.

set tags to global on mobile app

Display mode

Our default display mode for the project is Basic. If you would like to see more information, you can go to the Account Settings and set the display mode to Advanced.

Tip: You can also toggle between two display modes by shaking your phone.

basic and advanced mode on mobile app
Left: Basic mode. / Right: Advanced mode.

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