Clear Browser’s Cache

If you are having trouble with Quire and logging out and back in doesn’t solve your problem, maybe you can try the following ways to troubleshoot.

Clear browser cache on Google Chrome

Right click on a blank space in the Quire workspace. Choose Inspect.

right click Inspect

At the Application tab at the top bar, navigate to the Cache section at the sidebar. Under Cache Storage, right click on sw-quire-cache-bxxxx (the number after b stands for the version number, it will change over time) and click Delete.

clear Google Chrome browser cache

Clear browser cache on Safari

Click Develop at the top menu bar and click Empty Caches.

clear Safari browser cache

Unregister Your Service Worker on Google Chrome

Go to this URL: chrome://serviceworker-internals/

service worker URL

Click on the Unregister button of all the Service Workers from there.

service worker URL

Lastly, hit Ctrl + Shift + R (or + Shift + R for Mac) to refresh your Quire page.

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