Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Press Ctrl + F1 or Fn + F1 (for Mac) to see a compact list of shortcuts for easily managing your tasks.

Or click on the Help icon on the upper-right of your Quire workspace and select Keyboard Shortcuts.

Task Action

  MacOS Windows
Quick add a task T T
Enter to add a task Enter Enter
Quick add a subtask Shift + Shift +
Quick add a section * *
Turn task to section (vice versa) + S Ctrl + S
Completed selected task(s) + /

Shift + C
Ctrl + /

Shift + C
Delete selected task(s) + Delete Ctrl + Backspace/Delete
Undo + Z Ctrl + Z
Edit task name F2 or + F2 or Alt +

Task Modification (works with multiple select tasks also)

  MacOS Windows
Assign tag to a task # #
Assign task(s) to an assignee @ @
Status ? ?
Date < > < >
Priority ! !
Add task(s) to board ^ ^
Transfer task to another project > >
Assign selected task(s) to yourself Ctrl + M Ctrl + M
Indent Tab Tab
Un-indent Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
Remove an existing assignee, tags, etc. - -

Learn more about inline assigning.

Main Panel

  MacOS Windows
Create sublists L L
Show/Hide breadcrumbs or I I
Print task(s) + P Ctrl + P
Move task(s) up or down + or + Ctrl + or Ctrl +
Level up or down a task + or + Ctrl + or Ctrl +
Move task(s) to the top or bottom of the current level + Pg Up or + Pg Dn Alt + Pg Up or Alt + Pg Dn
Move task(s) cross columns in board view + or + Ctrl + or Ctrl +
Cut selected task(s) + X Ctrl + X
Copy selected task(s) + C Ctrl + C
Paste selected task(s) + V Ctrl + V
Multiple select Shift + ↑/↓ Shift + ↑/↓
Select all the relevant subtasks + E Ctrl + E
Refresh when changes are made in grouped/sorted mode R R
Search tasks and comments S S
Open and close the sidebar ] ]

Note: The shortcut for opening and closing the sidebar only works when the sidebar is not pinned.

  MacOS Windows
Blink search (cross-projects or organizations or members) + B Ctrl + B
Search within page + F Ctrl + F
Zoom in a selected task Z Z
Zoom out selected tasks A A
Collapse a group tasks by level
Expand a group tasks by level
Collapse all tasks by level Shift + Shift +
Expand all tasks by level Shift + Shift +
Expand/Collapse the selected level O O
Navigate through workspace (forward) Tab Tab
Navigate through workspace (backward) Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
Switch among different tabs ( or ) ( or )
Switch among different task views 1, 2, 3, 4 1, 2, 3, 4
Quick launch or close My Tasks = =
Enter/leave full screen mode + . Ctrl + .
Scroll horizontally in Board and Timeline view Ctrl + Shift + or Ctrl + Shift + or
Switch among different views in Timeline and Calendar view Ctrl + Shift + or Ctrl + Shift + or
Open a task in new tab + O Ctrl + O
Copy link to task + Shift + C Ctrl + Shift + C

Detail Panel

  MacOS Windows
Open/Collapse detail panel Spacebar Spacebar
Quickly expand/collapse detail panel Shift + Spacebar Shift + Spacebar
Edit task description D D
Comment on a selected task C C
Mention a member in description or comment @ @
Refer a task in description or comment # #
Quote selected text in comment reply Ctrl + Q Alt + Q
Edit the last comment (cursor needs to be in the comment input area)
Make a subtask of Ctrl + P Alt + P


  MacOS Windows
Keyboard shortcut list F1 F1

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