Smart Folders

In addition to the Folders that can help you organize and systemize your projects in the same organizations, you can create a Smart Folder to organize and review the projects from different organizations.

smart folder hierarchy

Note: Smart Folder is only available in the Tree view, Table view, Timeline view, Calendar view and the Time Tracker view.

When a Smart Folder is created, you can find it in the sidebar on the left hand side of your Quire workspace.

click smart folder at the sidebar

Tip: If you find the order of sections on the sidebar not in your favor, you have the option to rearrange them by simply dragging and dropping them into your preferred order.

Create a smart folder

Click on the + icon in the upper right corner.

add smart folder

Select the projects you want to add to this folder.

add project to smart folders

Tip: The allowed number of projects for this Smart Folder is calculated based on the organization with the highest subscription plan.

Read more on our blog about Smart Folders.

Quickly navigate to the tasks of a certain project

Click on the project name at the top, then it will direct you to the first task of that project.

navigate to task of a certain project

Go to a project from a smart folder

Click on the project name in the main panel to go to that project without going through the sidebar.

go to a project from smart folder

Share a smart folder with a member

You can invite the members that you would like to share the smart folder with. The members will only be able to view the projects in the smart folder if they have permission to access the projects.

To share a smart folder with a member, follow these steps to access the Smart Folder Members page:

Navigate to the Smart Folder Overview page and click on the member profile pictures.

You can also click on the More Options icon at the upper right corner, then select Edit members.

Or click on the dropdown menu icon beside the Smart Folder name, then select Edit members.

invite more members into smart folder

There are 3 types of smart folder members.

  • Admin: Members who can manage the project list, members, and other settings in the smart folder.

  • Normal: Members who can manage the project list but cannot edit the members or delete the smart folder.

  • Limited: Members who can only manage the tasks in the projects that they have permission to, without being able to edit or delete the smart folder.

R = Read, E = Edit, D = Delete

  Admin Normal Limited
Project list R, E, D R, E R
Members Management R, E, D R R

Note: You won’t be able to customize what each role can view and manage in the Smart Folder.

Delete a smart folder

Click on the dropdown menu icon beside the Smart Folder name, then select Delete.

delete smart folder

Note: If you delete a smart folder, the projects inside will not be deleted.

Create a sublist for smart folders

To create a sublist, click on the + icon located at the top bar under the smart folder’s name. Give the newly created sublist a name and select a customized icon. You can select who can access the sublist: Project members or keep it private.

Tip: You can press L to create a new sublist without using your mouse.

create sublists for smart folder

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