Delete Tasks and Undo

Delete a task

Delete a task in the main panel

You can click on the task twice, and click on the trash icon in the main panel.

delete task

Or you can right-click on the task, and click on Delete in the context menu.

right click delete task

Tip: Another way is to simply select a task and press Ctrl + Delete (or + Delete for Mac).

Delete a task in the detail panel

You can click on the More Options icon at the upper right corner of the detail panel, and select Delete this task.

detail panel delete task


To undo what you just did, you can click Undo at the bottom center of your workspace.

undo task

To see your previous operations list, or the tasks completed/deleted by other members, click on the undo icon at the upper right corner. Or just press Ctrl + Z ( + Z for Mac).

undo task

Note: The undo icon only remembers the modifications that were made within 6 days.

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