Project Preferences

Go to your Account Settings to change your projects preferences.

project preferences

Note: These settings will only be visible to yourself and are set to all the projects in every organization.

Display mode

You can switch between Basic and Advanced mode in this setting or you can hit Ctrl for Windows/ Option for Mac in the main panel to toggle it on and off.

Pin detail panel by default

If checked, the detail panel in each project will be pinned by default. However, when you unpin a certain project’s detail panel, our system will remember it, which means that it will still be unpinned when you switch to another project and switch back.

Collapse all subtasks by default

If checked, when you switch to different projects, all the tasks would be collapsed to the root task by default.

Assign to you automatically when creating a task

If checked, the newly created tasks will be assigned to you automatically.

Strikethrough completed tasks

This option is checked by default. If unchecked, the completed tasks will be greyed out instead of strikethrough.

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