Move Tasks

No one can anticipate every change that comes in the future. You can quickly and easily move your task(s) in the tree list or to other projects to adapt to any change.

Drag and drop

You can move a task or multiple tasks by dragging them up/down to rearrange their order or left/right to adjust their subtask level.

You can also drag and drop task(s) in the sidebar to transfer them to another project.

drag task to sidebar

In a filtered view, you can even drag and drop task(s) to reassign an assignee or multiple assignees, a priority, and a due date.

drag to assign in filter view

Make a subtask of

When in a filtered view (Group by or Sort by) or in the Board view, you are unable to set a task as another task’s subtask by dragging and dropping or cutting and pasting it.

However, you can click on the More Options icon in the detail panel and select Make a subtask of to set the task as another task’s subtask.

make a subtask of another task

Or you can right-click on a task and select Make a subtask of… in More.

make a subtask of another task using context menu

Tip: Press Alt + P (or Ctrl + P for Mac ) to move a task as a subtask of another task using the keyboard.

Duplicate a task

You may have projects with similar tasks. Quire lets you duplicate a task, so you can use it as a template for your new tasks.

To duplicate a task, click on the More Options icon in the detail panel and select Duplicate this task.

detail panel duplicate this task

You can also duplicate a task by right-clicking on the task and selecting Duplicate in the context menu.

right-click duplicate

Or much more easier , simply press Ctrl ( for Mac) + C to copy and then Ctrl + V to paste it anywhere you like. Of course, right clicking on the task will also bring up a context menu for copy and paste.

right-click copy and paste

Note: When copying a task, the comments of the original task won’t be copied.

Transfer a task

You may have tasks belonging to the wrong project. You can transfer (aka move) them to a different project.

Click on the More Options icon in the detail panel and select Transfer this task.

detail panel transfer this task

Then choose the project to which the task belongs.

transfer task

You can also transfer a task or more by right-clicking on them and selecting Transfer to in the context menu.

right-click transfer

Tip: To quickly transfer tasks to another project, hold down the Alt key and drag the tasks to the project name at the sidebar.

Another quick way to transfer a task is by pressing > on the keyboard when the task(s) is selected and using the arrow key to choose which project you want to transfer the task to.

Merge a task

When you have the same tasks, you can merge one into another.

Click on the More Options icon in the detail panel and select Merge this task.

detail panel merge this task

Next, type in the name or the ID of the task you want to merge with and click Merge.

merge task

This duplicate task will close and all of its favorites and followers will be added to the task you’ve selected.

Note: Assignees and attachments from the duplicate task won’t be copied over.

Using shortcuts

Here are some keyboard shortcuts for you to move tasks around quickly.

Reorder your tasks

  MacOS Windows
Move task(s) up + Ctrl +
Move task(s) down + Ctrl +
Level up a task + Ctrl +
Level down a task + Ctrl +
Move task(s) to the top of the current level + Pg Up Alt + Pg Up
Move task(s) to the bottom of the current level + Pg Dn Alt + Pg Dn
Copy selected task(s) + C Ctrl + C
Paste selected task(s) + V Ctrl + V

Indent your task when it is in edit mode

  MacOS Windows
Indent Tab Tab
Un-indent Shift + Tab Shift + Tab

Tip: Press Ctrl + F1 or Fn + F1 (for Mac) to see a complete list of shortcuts.

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