Break down a Task

You can set assignees, due dates, tags, and add more details to a task in the detail panel.

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Set assignees

Click on Add assignee in the detail panel. Select a project member as an assignee or type in an email address to invite a new member and assign the task to him.

The newly invited assignee will become a Normal project member as default. You can change the member permission role later in the Project Members page.

To remove an assignee, select the assignee that you want to remove first, then tap on the x icon.

Note: When the task already has an assignee, selecting another member will replace the existing one. If you would like to assign this task to multiple assignees, tap on the blank area first, then add other assignees to this task.

Tip: In the project settings, you can toggle on Multiple assignees. This way, as default, when you tap on a member’s name, he will be set as the task assignee.

Set date and time

Click on Add date in the detail panel. Select the start and due dates for your task.

add date to a task on mobile app

Set tags

Click on Add tags in the detail panel. Tap on the tags that you would like to assign to this task.

add tags to a task on mobile app

Create a new tag

Type in the new tag’s name and select the tag.

create new tags on mobile app

Remove a tag

Select the tag you would like to remove first, then tap on the x.

remove tags on mobile app

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