Get Notified

You will be notified of new updates, upcoming tasks, or overdue tasks in different places.

When will you get notified?

You will receive reminder notifications and reminder emails when your tasks approach their start date or time, due date or time, and also when they are overdue.

Also, when someone added a task in a project you follow, or left a comment in a task you follow, you will immediately get notified in Quire.


  • If another member comments on a task you follow or assigns a task to you, an orange dot will be displayed next to the task name.
  • If you see an orange dot next to a task, you can mark it as read by right-clicking on it and selecting “Mark as read”. To mark it as unread, simply right-click and select “Mark as unread”.

You will be notified of the following activities if you are:

  Project Member Project Follower Task Assignee Task Follower
Activities in project   v    
Activities in task assigned to you v v v v
Activities in task assigned to other   v   v
Activities in task not assigned   v   v

Delete a notification

You can remove a notification from the notification panel by hovering over a notification and clicking the trash bin icon. This is a great way to declutter your notification panel and review what you have left out.

delete notifications

The deleted notifications will be kept in the Deleted tab for several days. You can undo the deletion if you made a mistake.

deleted notifications tab

Customize notifications in Quire

Click on the dropdown menu icon next to the project name and select Options.

project options dropdown

By default, you will get notified about the task reminders (i.e. upcoming tasks), new comments, and all the other task activities. You can choose which kind of notifications that you want to receive by selecting the following options.

notification options

Note: This setting will only apply to your account instead of to every member of this project.

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