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When it comes to executing a complicated project, a simple nested task list may not be enough.

A task list is for you to dump all of your thoughts and break big ideas down from big goals to digestible tasks. On the other hand, the Board view aims to help you visually carry out your project step by step.

You can switch to the Board view from the List or any Sublists in your project by clicking on the Board icon at the upper right corner of the mail panel.

Press 2 on your keyboard to switch to the Board view. Press 2 again to access the dropdown menu for additional options, then use the number keys or arrow keys to navigate through the different options.

switch to Board view

In our default Board view, the tasks will be shown in a flat layout. You can toggle on Task Bundle, then the subtasks will be nested under their parent task so the task hierarchy will be preserved as it is.

Quire view kanban board

Tip: You can create multiple Boards for one project by adding more Sublists.

Create new tasks in Board

Click + Add tasks at the bottom of each column to add a new task.

create new tasks in board view with button

Or you can press Enter to continue to add new tasks. When done, press Esc to finish.

Move tasks across columns

You can drag and drop your tasks from column to column to reorganize your work or move it to the next status.

Or you can drag the tasks up and down to reorder your column list. The tasks that are higher in the column can represent higher priority.

Note: The task order in each column will not affect the order in the Tree view.

move tasks across columns in board view

Learn more about how to shuffle your board by columns.

Edit the task cover

If you have attached or embedded an image to a task, it will automatically show as the task cover in the Board view.

board task cover

Click on the More Options icon at the upper right corner of the task on your Board. Select Edit cover and choose the image that you would like to show as a cover.

edit task card cover

Show and hide custom fields

If you’ve added custom fields into your project, they will be automatically displayed in the Board view. To manage the visibility of these custom fields, navigate to the Board icon located in the upper corner of the main panel. Then, hover over the Fields option. You can toggle the visibility of existing fields by clicking on the checkboxes.

show and hide custom fields in board view

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