Share Project

You can send a share link of your project to your clients, so they can access your project without signing up.

Sharing a project with non-signed-up users is only available in the Professional, Premium, Enterprise plans. More information can be found on our pricing page.

Click on the dropdown menu icon beside your project’s name, and select Share from More.

share project in drop down menu more

Select an expiry date for the shared link. You can also add a description to let other members know more information about the usage of this link.

set expiry date to share link

Copy the generated link and send it to your clients.

copy the share link to clients

Note: Anyone with the link will be able to view your project.

Click on the dropdown menu icon beside your project’s name, and select Edit members.

edit members to share link

Scroll down to Shared Links. You can edit an existing shared link to give it a new deadline or make changes to the description here.

edit share link expiry date

Read more on our blog about sharing projects with clients without them signing up.

After sharing a project link with your clients, they can open it on their mobile devices to check the project’s progress and tasks.

Pasting the shared link into the mobile browser app (Chrome, Safari, etc.) will prompt you to download the Quire mobile app. After successfully downloading the Quire mobile app, paste the link into the mobile browser again, then click Open to view the project in the Quire mobile app.

Note: Clients with shared links can only view the tasks and contents on the Quire app. They will not be able to add comments or make any modifications to the tasks. Clients can either sign up or log in to start collaborating in Quire.

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