features · Nov 23, 2017

Share a project with your clients, without them sign up!

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Quire’s “Shared Links” feature makes it super easy for you to collaborate with your clients. We all know that sometimes, clients have their own habits and it is hard to ask them to change. Now, in addition to asking them to sign up Quire, you can get them to view your Quire project with one single invitation link, and zero effort on their part!

Your clients are just one click away!

All you need to do is send your clients a link. Once they click the link, they will be able to view your project. No need to register an account, or sign in anything! And you get to keep them away from doing the rest to your project.

It takes only a few secs to invite your clients.

First, click on the "arrow" icon beside your project name, and select "Edit members."

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Next, scroll down to Shared Links and click the “+ Create new link” button.

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That will generate a share link for you to copy, and send to your clients. They will have till the expiry date to access your project.

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In Shared Links, you can see how many people have accessed the shared link, and edit it to extend the time of access.

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Quire not only has your team members in mind, but your clients too.

With shared links, you can easily let your clients see what is going on in your projects, manage who can do so for how long, while counting on them to never do anything they should not.

Got questions?

I have listed a couple FAQs below and if you have more, post them in the comments.

You can create as many share links as you need, and send them to different clients.

You may have different clients who need to access your project for different periods of time.

Creating more than one share link lets you manage who can access your project and for how long.

Only Admin members of the project can create share links.

When you create a share link of your project and send it to your clients, they can view this project for a period of time.

But when you make a project public, it is open to anyone, not just limited to your clients, as long as it stays public. If there are Quire users, then not only can they view your project, but also add tasks, post comments, etc.

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