features · Dec 11, 2023

Share a project with your clients, without them signing up!

Quire share project

Quire’s innovative Shared Project feature simplifies collaboration with your clients. Recognizing that clients may have established habits that are challenging to alter, this feature allows you to seamlessly involve them in your Quire project without requiring them to sign up for a Quire account.

Instead of persuading them to change their routine, you can effortlessly invite them to view your Quire project through a single invitation link, eliminating any extra steps on their part.

Seamless Client Collaboration with a Click!

Sharing your project with clients is now as easy as sending a link. Once they click on the link, they gain instant access to your project without registering an account or signing in. This streamlined process ensures that your clients can stay informed without any additional effort on their part.

Simple Steps to Invite Your Clients

Quire share link to clients

  1. Click the dropdown icon next to your project name and select "More"
  2. Click “Share” and choose the options for your shared link, then click “Create Link”
  3. Copy the generated share link and send it to your clients. They will have access until the specified expiry date.

Quire share link

Note: The link grants access to the entire project and anyone with the link will be able to view your project.

In the Shared Links section, you can monitor the number of people who have accessed the link and even extend the duration of access. Quire's Shared Links feature is designed with both your team members and clients in mind, offering a hassle-free way to share project updates while maintaining control over permissions.

Share a Sublist to Clients

You can also share specific details with precision by allowing you to share links to individual sublists within your project. This level of granularity ensures that your clients can focus on the tasks relevant to them without being overwhelmed by the entire project.

Quire share sublist

  1. In the option to choose which project to share, you can use the dropdown menu to choose which sublist you’d like to share.
  2. Copy the generated share link and send it to your clients. They will have access until the specified expiry date.

Sharing a link to a sublist allows clients to focus on tasks relevant to their interests or responsibilities, enhancing their experience and streamlining communication. This targeted approach ensures a more efficient and collaborative workflow, allowing clients to easily contribute to project aspects that directly impact them.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create as many share links as needed and send them to different clients.

Different clients may require access to your project for varying durations. Creating multiple share links enables you to manage access permissions more effectively.

Only Admin members of the project have the authority to create shared links.

Sharing a project link allows clients to view the project for a specified period. On the other hand, making a project public opens it to anyone, extending beyond your clients. Public projects can be accessed by Quire users who not only view but also contribute by adding tasks, posting comments, and more.

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