Tackle big projects by breaking them down into small, manageable steps.

Visualize your workflow to better manage and focus on your tasks.

Map out team schedule with a beautiful Gantt chart view, switchable between List and Board.

Instantly schedule tasks to keep everyone on the same page and make project planning more manageable.

Track, customize, and organize any information that is relevant for your team with a table view.


Create personalized sublists to get focused on the right tasks at the right time.

Keep track of the working hours across projects and review with comprehensive timesheet reports.

Add more details and data to your tasks so that you can have more clarity on your projects.

Task dependency signifies the connection between tasks, illustrating how the status of one task affects another within a project or workflow.

My tasks

Stay on top of tasks related to you across all projects.


Organize tasks and projects within a common space by adding them to a folder for easy access and central management.

Smart folders

View, and organize tasks from different projects you chose in one place.


Compartmentalize your projects with sections to get a more structured overview of what needs to be done.

Health stats

A visual overview of how well each of your projects and members is performing.

Customize and grant different permissions to different roles in your workspace.

Focus on your core tasks and assign those that are non-core to third parties easily and safely.

Share project with clients

Send an invitation link to your clients so they can access your project without signup.

Share project
Share projects to non-signed up users. These users will not be counted toward organization members.

Make your project public so anyone with that URL can see your project.

Multiple assignees

Assign a task to the people responsible for it.

Teamwork in realtime

Share and delegate tasks to your friends and colleagues. See their modifications on your screen instantly.

Email to Quire

Send emails from your mailbox to Quire and turn them into actionable tasks.

Instant messaging

See who said what about your tasks instantly.


Get reminded of upcoming tasks before start or due whenever you want across devices.


Get notified of updates on what you care about and when.

Recurring tasks

Get your routines in your task tree once and for all.

Temporarily tuck away your currently non-actionable tasks to better organize your task list and avoid stress at work.

Start and due dates

Set start and due dates and time to clearly indicate the schedule of the task.

Google Drive

Easily upload a file or attach a file from Google Drive to your tasks.


Built-in integration with Dropbox lets you attach files directly from Dropbox to Quire tasks.


Built-in integration with Box lets you attach file directly from Box to Quire tasks.

Microsoft OneDrive

Built-in integration between Quire and OneDrive lets you find and attach all of your Microsoft Office files.

Display all of the subtasks under their parent tasks for better visualizing and managing your tasks.

Zoom in

Focus on a task and see all its subtasks while filtering out everything else.

Sort tasks

Sort your tasks to see those with the same assignee, priority, etc., together.

Filter tasks

Filter your tasks to focus on a few crucial tasks and leave out the rest.

Blink search

Find any project, organization or member you want in an instant.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Access Quire from a single authorization point which is managed by a trusted identity provider.

iOS App

Work seamlessly on your iPhone and iPad whenever, wherever.

Android App

Pick up where you left off on your Android phone. Even offline.

Siri for tasks

Your smart assistant that helps you manage tasks using just your voice.

Google Assistant for tasks

Manage your tasks list with a voice-controlled virtual assistant.

Quire API

Let you build scripts and integrate your favorite applications with Quire.

Quire & Beyond

Boost up your productivity with some top-notch integrations.

Gmail Add-on

Turn your Google emails into Quire tasks simultaneously.

Sync to Google Calendar

See your tasks as events on Google, iCal or Outlook Calendar and get notified.

Microsoft Teams integration

Connect team's conversations to Quire task lists.

Slack integration

Get updates about your projects in a Slack channel and more.

Zapier integration

Connect Quire instantly with 2,000+ apps to automate your workflow and find productivity super powers.

GitHub integration

Keep everyone on your team up to date with the code changes by linking commits to your tasks.

Chrome extension

Quickly access Quire and get notified from any web page in Chrome.

Color & styles for tasks

Highlight your tasks and projects by adding color, bold and more.


Personalize your working vibe in Quire by choosing the theme that best speaks to you.

Batch operations

Make changes, such as assigning a member and tag, to all your selected tasks at once.

Keyboard shortcuts

Tons of nifty shortcuts for shortcut addicts without touching your mouse.

Smart add

Quickly assign a member, tag, priority, etc., to a task with smart keyboard shortcuts.


Give a thumbs up, vote for a task, or focus on those that matter to you personally. With ❤.


Follow tasks to get notified of any changes made to them automatically.


Pain-free moving from your current project management software to Quire.


Convert your project data into CSV to edit it in Excel, or into JSON for further processing and back up.

Copy & paste

Copy your contents from other apps like Word, Excel and Email and paste as tasks in Quire.

Project template

Save time - duplicate a project or task to use as a template.

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