features · Nov 22, 2016

It is all about time in task management.

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Time is a tricky thing. We all want to get the most out of it by making the right kind of plan, and doing the right kind of tasks in the right amount of time. But, we often fail.

To solve this problem, Quire has got a series of features including start date and time, due date and time, reminders, status, etc. to help you and your team schedule your tasks, and complete them in a timely manner.

Here is an example of how these features are used:


It is about 2 months before Christmas. Kevin, a chief editor at a daily newspaper, decided to do a piece on how this special day is celebrated in prisons.

He assigned this task to Megan and gave her a deadline of Dec. 20th, 3pm, leaving enough time for the journalist to finish it, and also himself to review it.

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Looking at the tasks at hand, Megan thought Nov. 21st, 4pm, would be a good time to start working on the feature story.

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To not miss the start or due date, she has set reminders to 2 days earlier, in case she forgets about it in the midst of chaos and ends up with only 3 hours left to do it.

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Then, it was Nov. 19th. Megan got notified in both her Quire workspace and inbox, reminding her to start working on the Christmas feature story.

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With pen and paper ready at hand, Megan set out for an interview with the inmates behind bars. On the way, she changed the status of the task to In Progress on her iPhone.

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Not only did Kevin get notified of the progress, colleagues like the graphic designer and typesetter were notified too, thus keeping everyone on the team in the loop.


Every Tuesday, Megan and chief editor Kevin need to attend a team meeting. Instead of adding a task for each week, she simply added one and set it as repeat.

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Back at the office, Megan has imported all the tasks assigned to her into her calendar, so she can see what her schedule is like for the coming week and month.

For tasks with start date and time, and due date and time, a Gantt chart view is also available in the calendar.

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Tip: You can sync your tasks to Google Calendar, Apple Calendar (iCal), Outlook Calendar or other.

The bottom line is, we all care about time.

Often, it is not enough to know what dates tasks should be done, but what time they should be done. And it is with time that reminders can play their part to the fullest, with reminders that notifications can do the same, and so forth.

We hope this whole series of features will help you get the most out of time, without getting run over by it.

Crystal Chen
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