Install Apps

As an end-user, you can greatly benefit from a lot of upcoming apps from Quire contributors.

Visit Quire App Directory to browse which app you want to install to your Quire workspace.

Quire app directory

Click on the Install button in the upper right corner to authorize this app and add it to your Quire organization.

You can choose which scope you would like the app to get access to or decide if you would allow the app to access your team members’ email addresses.

Click Allow and this app will be successfully added to your Quire workspace.

View the apps authorized to access your Quire account

Visit Apps in your Account Settings or go to your Profile photo and click on My Apps to review every app that has been authorized.

My Apps to see the authorized apps

You can revoke or change the permission by clicking on the app in the My Apps section.

My Apps to see the authorized apps

Below you can find all the official apps that were made by the Quire team.

Google Calendar

You can sync your Quire tasks with the Google Calendar to see the tasks schedule, track your project and plan ahead.

Only the Quire incomplete tasks with due dates will show on the Google Calendar. Also, it may take a day for Google Calendar to be in sync.

sync with Google Calendar

Google Calendar Instant Sync

Google Calendar Instant Sync is only available in the Professional, Premium, Enterprise plans. More information can be found on our Pricing page.

You can sync your Quire tasks with the Google Calendar instantly to see the tasks schedule, track your project and plan ahead.

The changes made on your Quire tasks will reflect instantly on the Google Calendar.

sync with Google Calendar instantly

Apple Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or other calendars

Sync your Quire tasks with the Apple Calendar, Outlook Calendar or other calendars to see the tasks schedule, track your project and plan ahead.

sync with Apple Calendar


You can keep track of the code changes on your team by linking GitHub commits to your tasks.

​​integrate with Github


You can receive updates about your Quire projects, add tasks to a project, add comments on tasks, and many more inside a Slack channel.

​​integrate with Slack

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a conversation-based collaboration platform that provides chat and cross-functional teams with the ability to work together and share information via a common space. This integration with Quire lets users communicate with teammates while directly working on the Quire project.

​​integrate with Microsoft Teams


You can connect with thousands of other apps with Quire and automate all of the routine repetitive workflow using Zapier.

Gmail Add-on

Quire for Gmail Add-on lets you turn your emails into tasks without leaving your mailbox.

​​Quire Gmail Add-on

Chrome Extension

You can add the extension to quickly access Quire and get notified of new updates on any web page in Chrome.

​​Quire with Chrome Extension

Read more on our blog about Quire API.

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