Gmail Add-On

Gmail Add-On

by Quire

Quire for Gmail Add-on enables you to directly create new tasks from your inbox without having to open Quire and manually type in the tasks.

With Quire for Gmail, you can save a lot of time on repetitive steps and actually focus on getting things done.

  • Create tasks: Choose a project from the list and add a task directly to the project from your mailbox.
  • Assign due dates, tags and assignees: add more details to better manage your task list.

Installation Guide

Click on the Install button to install Quire for Gmail Add-on at the G Suite Marketplace and then follow the prompts granting the add-on access.

You can choose which scope you would like the app to get access to or decide if you would allow the app to access your team members’ email addresses.


You can also click on the plus icon on the right side of your Gmail inbox. Then it will direct you to the G Suite Marketplace. Follow the prompts to grant access for the add-on.

Adding tasks via Gmail Add-on

Select an email then the Gmail Add-on will automatically load the email subject as task name and email body as task description in the right panel. You can select the project in the project list that you would like to add the task to.

You can add more details to the task, such as due dates, assignees and tags. Then click Create Task.


Note: You won’t be able to invite new assignees or create new tags using the Gmail Add-on. It will only recognize the existing user ID or email address and tags in your Quire project.

Uninstall Quire Gmail Add-on

Go to Manage Apps in the G Suite Marketplace, click on the three dotted options icon and click Uninstall.

Last updated: Oct 21, 2021