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Sublist allows you to create your own personal view from the same project.

When you are working with multiple team members on the same project, it’s very likely that after a while, the main List starts to look like a matrix and everyone doesn’t know where to get started.

A Sublist can also help you create a focused view for project members and even the External Team that share the same workload.

Note: The List and the Sublist are mirrored to each other. When you reorder the tasks in a Sublist, the order in the List will also be reordered as well.

project view sublist

Read more on our blog about Quire Sublist.

Create a Sublist

Click on the + icon beside the List tab to create a Sublist. Name the newly created Sublist and add a customized icon. You can choose who to share the Sublist with: Project members or an External Team or keep it private.

Tip: You can hit L to create a new sublist without using your mouse.

In the Free subscription plan, you can create two Sublists for each project. Upgrade your subscription plan to create more Sublists. More information can be found on our pricing page.

Quire Sublists

Note: You can only create Sublists in a project. Creating Sublists in My Tasks or Smart Folder isn’t available yet.

Add tasks to Sublist

There are several ways to add your tasks to a Sublist.

You can choose to include or exclude the tasks from the main List when creating a new Sublist.

Note: If you select a root task, the relevant subtasks will also be automatically selected. You can deselect the subtask to choose the tasks you need only. On another hand, subtasks can be selected separately from their root task.

add tasks to sublist

Tip: You can use the filter bar or simply type in the search bar to narrow down your task list.

Or you can drag and drop the tasks from the main List to the Sublist.

drag tasks to add to sublist

Note: When you drag and drop a parent task, its subtasks will also be added to the Sublist tab.

When you drag a task from one Sublist tab to another, the task will be removed from the former and added to the latter.

You can hold the Alt key while you drag the task from one Sublist to another, this way, the tasks will be added to both Sublists.

hold alt key when drag tasks to sublist

Another way to add tasks to a Sublist is right-clicking on the selected tasks in the main List and selecting Set sublist.

right click to add tasks to sublist

Tip: Hit ^ on the keyboard then use the up/down arrow key to choose a sublist can also allow you to add a task to the sublist.

Remove tasks from Sublist

You can remove tasks from a Sublist by selecting the tasks in the Edit menu or you can drag the tasks from the Sublist back to the main List tab.

Or you can also right-click on the selected task and select Set sublist to remove the tasks from the Sublist.

Note: When you drag and drop a parent task, its subtasks will also be removed from the Sublist tab.

Edit Sublist name and its URL

Click on the dropdown menu icon beside the Sublist name and choose Edit.

edit sublist

You can also copy the URL that is linked to a specific Sublist and share it with your team members. When the members click on the link, it will take them to that Sublist directly.

copy sublist URL

Pin or unpin a Sublist

Pin your Sublists for quick navigation by clicking on the dropdown menu icon beside the Sublist name.

The newly created Sublists will be pinned by default. On the other hand, Sublists created by other members will not be pinned.

unpin sublist

Archive a Sublist

Click on the dropdown menu icon beside the Sublist name and select Archive. The archived Sublist will be moved to the Archived category in the dropdown menu.

archive sublist

Delete a Sublist

Click on the dropdown menu icon beside the Sublist name and choose Delete.

delete sublist

Note: Once the Sublist is deleted, it can not be undone. Please make sure before deleting it. The tasks in the Sublist will not be deleted, you can still find them in the main List tab.

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