Set Date and Time

Setting dates and time to your task in your project can help you to keep track of which tasks are falling behind and which tasks are completed beforehand.

You will also get reminded via in-app notifications or email notifications of upcoming tasks or tasks that are about to be due.

If you switch your List or Sublist to the Timeline view, you can also see your tasks with dates spread out in an horizontal timeline view. It can provide you a clear overview of when the project starts and ends.

Set due date

Decide when a task should be done (aka give it a deadline) by setting a due date.

Click on the date icon to set a due date. Or hit < on the keyboard when the task(s) is selected.

set due date

You can click on a shortcut, Today, Tomorrow or Next Week to quickly add a due date. To clear the due date, click None.

set due date

Tip: When editing a task, type < to assign a due date inline. See here for more information.

Set start date

You can decide when you would like to start working on a task.

Click on the date icon to set a start date. Or hit < on the keyboard when the task(s) is selected. Then click on Show more options at the bottom of the date picker.

show more options

Toggle on Set start date and pick a date or enter a date in the Start field.

enter start date

Set start/due time

Click on Show more options at the bottom of the date picker, and toggle on Set time.

set due time

You can either hit the up or down arrow on your keyboard to select the due time, or type in the hour and minute manually.

set due time

Note: With both start and due date, you can see the period or duration of your tasks when you sync to Google Calendar or other.

Tip: You can enable 24-hour time in the Account Settings.

Set tasks as recurring

You can repeat a task that happens periodically. Once you have completed a recurring task, Quire will automatically add the same task in a few seconds with the new date.

Click on date icon, and toggle on Set to repeat in the datepicker.

set recurring date

Choose how often and what day you want to repeat the task.

set recurring frequency

You can also choose to repeat a task since the last day you completed it by choosing custom in the dropdown of Repeat.

set customize recurring

Read more on our blog post about setting recurring tasks.

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