Navigating around Quire App

The navigation bar at the bottom of the app gives you instant access to your Home, My Tasks, Notifications, and Account. The new navigation bar enables you to navigate through a series of hierarchical screens.

mobile app home tab

Tip: Double tap on the navigation bar icon to return to its first view.


You will be able to access all of your projects in this tab, including the bookmarked projects, the recent projects that you have been working on, and your Smart Folders.

You can also reorder the projects by dragging and dropping them.

mobile app home tab

Note: Our system will remember the last viewed project before you quit the app. The next time you open the Quire app, we will automatically redirect you to that project.

Bookmark a project

Tap on the bookmark icon next to the project’s name.

bookmark a project on mobile app

Create a Smart Folder

Smart Folders allow you to view several projects in one place. For example, you can group your lists by Date to have a clearer view of which tasks are overdue or upcoming across different projects.

Tap on the + icon at the upper right corner and choose Add smart folder.

add smart folder on mobile app

My Tasks

When you access My Tasks for the first time, we will group the My Tasks by Date as default. You can have a clear view of which tasks are already overdue and what shall be done next.

Feel free to change the filter by tapping on the filter icon in the upper right corner.

mobile app my tasks tab

You can click on the My Tasks tab again to access the different views for your list.

mobile app my tasks change views

Note: Our system will remember the last viewed project before you quit the app. The next time you open the Quire app and switch to My Tasks, the view will be in that filter.

Which tasks will be included in My Tasks?

Tasks in My Tasks can belong to a specific project or just be personal tasks without being assigned to a project.

  • Tasks created by me, not assigned to others, with start or due date.
  • Task assigned to me.
  • Personal tasks.

Learn more about My Tasks.

View your progress stats in Overview

On the My Tasks page, tap the Overview tab at top and you would be able to see the progress stats of all your tasks and all of your recent activities.

mobile app overview page


All of your notifications will be shown in this tab. When tapping on a notification, we will direct you to the mentioned task or comment accordingly.

mobile app notifications tab

If you want to mark all the notifications as read, click on the More Options icon at the upper right corner for the option to show.

mobile notifications mark all as read

Click on the More Options icon at the upper right corner of each notification to delete a notification from this page when that specific task has already been taken care of. You can find the deleted notifications in the Deleted tab at the top of this page. They will be permanently deleted after 6 days of the deletion.

mobile app delete notifications

You can tap on the Visit [project name] bar to access the project without searching or going back to the Home tab.

visit project bar

There will be in-app notifications when someone notifies you while you are using the Quire app. Tap on the notification to view it immediately or swipe up the notification to dismiss it.

in app notifications


You can edit your own profile and change the account settings in this section.

mobile app account tab


Tap View All to see the lists of members who share the same organizations and projects with you.

Select a member to see the progress stats of a certain member. You can also view the tasks that were assigned to this member by tapping on his name and switching to Tasks view in the dropdown menu.


  1. The color themes on my mobile app and browser don’t sync.

    For better flexibility, you can have different color themes for your Quire mobile app and the browser version. To change your color theme on your mobile app, go to the Account tab and scroll down to select Appearance.

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