Project Views

With different positions in a team or different stages in a project, you might need to view your projects in a different way.

For example, as a team leader, you probably will need the board view more than your team members to visually track the overall project flow and check if any members are running behind.

Switch between different views at the header of the project: List, Sublist, Board, and Overview.

project views

The List view lets you break down your big ideas into smaller doable tasks and subtasks in a nested task list. The Sublist view allows you to create a persinal list view. The Board view helps you get focused on the selected crucial tasks in a visual workflow.

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The Lists view is the default view and it shows your project in a hierarchical list of tasks.

In this view, you can see your ideas broken down into step-by-step tasks, and for each task, you can add assignees, start/due dates, tags, descriptions, comments, and more.

Quire list view


The Sublist view lets you create your own personal view for a project.

You can choose to make the sublist only visible to you or to share with other project members.

Quiresublist view


The Board view shows your project in a visual workflow so you can better manage or focus on a few selected crucial tasks.

In this view, you can add multiple boards for one project (eg., Preparation, Planning) and in each board, add multiple status columns like Development, Testing, Pending, etc.

Quire board view


The Overview view shows detailed information/reports of a project.

This view includes charts, graphs, summaries and recent activities that show you how much has been done, how much needs to be done, etc.

Quire overview view

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