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In Quire, for the main List and the Sublists that you have created additionally, you have the flexibility to switch among the Nested Tree view and Kanban Board and Timeline.

Click on the Tree or Board or Timeline icon at the upper right corner of the main panel to switch among the different views.

switch between different Quire views


When it comes to breaking down your project into small doable tasks, a Tree list is what you need.

You can view a Tree list as a traditional to-do list with a twist. In Quire, we called it the Nested Tree list.

For big, challenging projects, you can break down ideas into chunks, and further into small, bite-sized pieces. What you then get is a well-structured, well-planned hierarchical actionable list of tasks and subtasks.

Quire view tree

Learn more about creating tasks and subtasks.


When it comes to executing a complicated project, a simple nested task list may not be enough.

A task list is for you to dump all of your thoughts and break big ideas down from big goals to digestible tasks. On the other hand, the Board view aims to help you visually carry out your project step by step.

By moving tasks from one column to another, you can effortlessly manage your team’s workflow and keep every member on the same page.

For example, when a task is in progress, you can drag them from the To-Do column to the In Progress column. Throughout the week, you will get a sense of accomplishment when your tasks move toward the Completed column.

Quire view kanban board

Tip: Hit Ctrl or + . to toggle on and off the full screen mode to see more tasks shown on your workspace.


The Timeline view is only available in the Professional, Premium, Enterprise plans. More information can be found on our Pricing page.

When it comes to scheduling your tasks for your project, the Timeline view can be your new best friend. Timeline view is a horizontal bar chart that illustrates the entire project schedule.

The bars in the Timeline view represent a task in the project and the length of the bars visualizes the duration of the task. It can help you spot the roadblocks and make adjustments immediately for your project in a visual way.

In Quire’s Timeline, the main panel will be divided into two separate views: on the left-hand side is the nested task list which keeps you in context, and on the right-hand side is the Timeline view.

You can resize the task list by hovering over the separating line between the task list and the Timeline view.


  • You can click on the arrow icon at the bottom to hide the task list, then you will be able to view more task timespan bars at once.
  • Hit Ctrl or + . to toggle on and off the full screen mode to see more tasks shown on your workspace.

Quire view timeline

Learn more about how to set and reschedule dates to tasks in Timeline view.

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