Navigate around the Timeline

Below are some ways that you can navigate quickly around the Timeline view.

  • Click on the Today button in the upper right corner to jump to the Today date.
  • If there are dots below the date in the calendar header, it means there are tasks assigned to that date. Click on the date to jump to the tasks.
  • To reschedule your tasks in bulk, hit Shift to select multiple tasks and reschedule them all at once.
  • Click on the arrow at the lower left corner to show or hide the task list in the Timeline view.

Tip: You can resize the task list by hovering over the separating line between the list and the Timeline view.

  • Grab or scroll on the calendar header and move right or left.

  • Grab the blank space of the Timeline view to move around (up/down/right/left).

  • Scroll horizontally in Timeline view using the keyboard by hitting Ctrl + Shift + or

  • Zoom in and out on your Timeline by changing to Day view, Week view, Month view, Year view. You can also choose to show or hide the weekends.

date scales in timeline view

Tip: Hit Ctrl + Shift + or Ctrl + Shift + to switch among the Day, Week, Month or Year view.

  • Use Filter to sort and group your timeline in however order you may like. You can choose to view your timeline by task status, assignees, or priority.

group by assignees in timeline view

  • View more details in the Timeline view: toggle on the Advanced mode to see the status, priority, assignees, tags, subtask counts, etc if the task has any.

advanced mode in timeline view

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