Reorder Organizations

By default, the organizations are ordered in alphabetical order at the Projects section at the sidebar. But you could drag and drop to reorder Organizations.

Note: This rearrangement will only be applicable for your personal view. Others in the same organizations won’t be able to see your new rearrangement.

reorder organization drag and drop

If you want to reset your organization’s order back to the default alphabetical order, click on the three dots icon besides Projects in the sidebar, then click on Reset to default order.

reset organizations to default order

You can also hide the organizations to make your Projects section more organized.

Click on the three dots icon besides Organization name, then select Hide. You will find all the hidden projects at the bottom of the Projects section.

hide organizations

To move the organization back its original position at the Projects section, click on the reshow icon when hovering over the organization name.

reshow organizations

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