Different View Modes in Calendar

In the Calendar view, some tasks need to be viewed in a bigger picture, and some tasks in a granular view. Here are the different view modes available in Quire:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year
  • Schedule

You can change to different view modes by clicking the option next to “Today” in the upper right corner.
s changing view modes in calendar view

Day view

Day view helps you see the tasks that are scheduled by time and planned for All-day.

day view iin calendar view

Week view

Week view helps you visualize tasks for the whole week.

week view iin calendar view

Month view

Month view helps you plan events for the entire month.

month view iin calendar view

Year view

Year view lets you have a bird’s eye view of the whole year.

year view iin calendar view

Schedule view

The Schedule view is only available in the Premium and the Enterprise plans. More information can be found on our Pricing page.

Schedule view lists out all the tasks that have dates in one glance. It also groups the tasks by day so you can see easily what’s planned ahead.

schedule view iin calendar view

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