Projects Settings

Feature settings

If you are an admin of the project, you can choose the preferences for the features on the project settings page.

Simply click on the dropdown menu icon beside the project name, and select Options.

project settings context menu

Add task to bottom or top

You can choose to always add tasks to the bottom, or top of your task tree list.

add task to the bottom or top

Add new comments to the bottom or top

You can choose to always add and see the newest comments at the bottom or top of each task.

add comments to the bottom or top

Allow members to edit other member’s comments

You can decide whether project members have permission to edit other members’ comments or not.

always show start date and time

Always see start date or time when set date

You can choose to always see the start date or time, whenever you want to add the date to a task.

always show start date and time

Other setting options for the project

  • You can choose to always add multiple assignees, whenever a task needs to be done by more than one person.
  • You can choose to change the status of a task, whenever you click on the complete icon.
  • You can choose to enable project members favoriting a task.
  • You can enable the text to follow the right-to-left format.

other setting options for project

Set the default days for the peekaboo tasks to reshow

You can choose the default days for the peekaboo tasks to reshow. The default is 7 days.

set the default days for the peekaboo tasks to reshow

Make your project private or public

You can choose to set a project private only available to your members, or publicly available to any user.

set project visibility

Notifications settings

You can customize what kind of notifications in the project that you want to receive.

Click on the dropdown menu icon next to the project name and select Options.

project options dropdown

By default, you will get notified about the task reminders (i.e. upcoming tasks), new comments and all the other task activities. You can choose which kind of notifications that you want to receive by selecting the following options.

notification options

Note: This setting will only apply to your account instead of every member in this project.

Email to Quire

You can create a Quire task by sending an email to a specified email address. You can send an email to a specific project and assign it to a member or send it to My Tasks as a personal task.

Email to Quire is only available in the Professional, Premium, Enterprise plans. More information can be found on our Pricing page.

Send the emails to the specified email address then the email will become a Quire task in the project. Each Quire project will have a unique email address. If you would like to customize the email address, you will need to upgrade to the Premium plan or Enterprise plan.

Note: Only Organization or Project Admin can enable this feature.

project settings email to Quire

Tip: Another way to create Quire tasks from your inbox is with our Google Add-on integration.

How the email will be translated into Quire’s task:

Email Quire
Email Subject Task name
Email Body Task description
To Task’s assignees
Cc Task’s followers
Email attachment Task attachment


  • If the email is added at the bcc field, it will not be recognized and send to Quire. You can only add the email address at the to or cc fields.
  • If the cc’ed member isn’t invited to the Quire project first, the task will not be assigned to him/her.

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