Change Status

You can change the status of a task to show the progress.

There are three default statuses: To-Do, In Progress and Completed.

Set status to a task

In the main panel, right click on the status circle to set a status.

default statuses

Or in the detail panel, you can click on the arrow beside the Complete icon to set a status.

Tip: You can set to always see status options when you click on the complete icon in the Project Settings.

set status in detail panel

Complete a task

It will show you how many subtasks you still have when you hover over the circle. Click on the Complete circle to mark the task as done.

complete task in main panel

Tip: Select a task and hit Ctrl + / (for Windows) or + / (for Mac) to quickly complete it. Another way to complete a task is to hit Shift + C.

Create new statuses

In the Free Subscription plan, you can have up to 5 statuses in each project. Upgrade your subscription plan to create more statuses. More information can be found at our Pricing page.

In the main panel, right click on the status icon at the left hand side of the task name, and select Add new status.

add new status

Or you can click on the dropdown menu icon beside the project name at the top and select Edit status. Then click + Add new status to create new statuses.

edit status


  • The progress percentage below 100% (not including 100%) can’t be the same as the ones that already existed.
  • However, you can create multiple statuses for the progress 100%. For example, you can name the statuses as Canceled or Won’t do, etc. If you filter by Active Tasks in the List view, the tasks applied with these statuses will be hidden as well.

Learn more about how to create new statuses in Board view.

Edit the statuses

In the main panel, right click on the status icon at the left hand side of the task name, hover over the status you want to edit and click the edit (pen) icon.

edit status by right clicking on the status icon

Or you can also edit the statuses in the Project Settings page.

edit status

edit status in project settings page

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