Project Overview

Set start and due dates for a project

You can set start and finish dates for your project on the Overview page.

Click Add date and select the desired date for your project. Toggle on Set start date to choose a start date.

Tip: You can use the Formula in Markdown feature to perform further calculations based on the dates you have set for your project. For example, if you want to calculate the total duration of your project, you can type something like this in the project’s or task’s description: project.due - project.start and wrap it with double curly brackets.

Track your project’s progress

You can see the performance of your projects on their Overview page. Click on the Overview tab at the top.

project overview tab

You can see the number of tasks in progress, and the percentage of tasks being completed in a project.

project progress stats

Tip: The default time range for the progress stats is 6 months, you can narrow down the time range by selecting a range on the progress stats chart allowing it to zoom in. Click on Reset zoom to go back to the default settings.

project progress stats

Here you will also be able to see the weekly summary for the project.

project weekly summary

Project activity log

You can see what has been done to a project in its activity log. Click on the Overview tab at the top and scroll to the bottom and click on Recent Activities.

You will see a record of the past actions done to the project.

project activity log

Post comments

You can discuss and chat about what you have accomplished with other project members in the comment area.

Click on the Overview tab at the top and press Space to open up the detail panel.

project comments

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