You can add color, bold, italic, strikethrough, code, as well as characters to your task names, descriptions, or comments, so they can stand out more.

For a basic cheat sheet of Quire’s Markdown, click on the markdown icon icon.

markdown icon in detail panel

Here are some formatting example:


{css-style| text} (eg., {color: red|text})

If you type the following:

markdown color text

The task list will look like this:

markdown color task name



Tip: Press Ctrl + B (or + B for Mac) after selecting the texts to make them bold.



Tip: Press Ctrl + I (or + I for Mac) after selecting the texts to make them italic.



Tip: Press Ctrl + U (or + U for Mac) after selecting the texts to underline them.

Strikethrough (Crossed Out)


Tip: To quickly add some of the basic styles, simply type { and select the style you want.

markdown quick add color to text




# H1
## H2
### H3
#### H4
##### H5
###### H6

Numbered List

1. step1
2. step2
3. step3

Bulleted List

* item1
* item2
* item3


- [ ] item
- [ ] item 
- [ ] item
This is a [Google link](

Tip: Press Ctrl + K (or + K for Mac) after selecting the texts to add the markdown quickly. Remember to swap out the URL for the link to the website you want to add.


| Left   | Center   | Right |
| :------ |:-----------:| ------:|
| A | text A | word A |
| B | text B | word B |
| C | text C | word C |

Tip: You can type <br> to break a line in a table cell, and \<br> to escape (keep <br> in the cell).

Phone numbers

(415) 555-2671 
(415) 555 2671

Note: We will dial out the number when you click on the phone number.



You can type &yen;, &reg;, &#8451; and&#x263B; which will turn into ¥, ®, ℃, ☻, respectively. These are just a few examples of html entities you can enter in a task name, description, or comment.


Type in : to get an emoji cheat sheet or you can copy and paste an emoji from websites like

add emojis

Read more on our blog about a complete Markdown guide and cheat sheet.

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