Refer to Tasks/Projects

Refer to tasks

You can refer to a task from the same project by typing #taskname or #taskid in the description or comment. When the task is completed, the referred task showned in the description or comment will be crossed off automatically.

refer a task

Tip: Toggle on the Advanced mode by hitting Ctrl or Alt for Mac to see the task ID number.

If you want to refer to tasks from a different project, type in #projectID/taskID or copy and paste the entire URL of that task.

Refer to projects

You can refer to a project by simply typing #projectid/0 in the description or comment.

You will be able to find the project ID at its URL. It’s the characters between w/ and /.

Tip: You can change your project ID by clicking on the dropdown menu icon beside your project’s name at the top of your workspace.

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